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Iron Speed

Recently I had half day available to look into IronSpeed, free edition. For future reference, will write here the key findings.

From the product point of view

– Professional, installs easily, small size of the download

– Installation found installed VS2010 and integrated with it seamlessly

– Tutorials, presentations, web-site usability – all deserve best marks.


– First steps and creating an application from scratch turned out to be easy (in fact, First Steps tutorial is not really necessary, everything is intuitive). Oracle db connection was established seamlessly

– Created pages were fully functional for CRUD on all connected tables

– Additional plus – programmatic primary and foreigh keys (no idea about the performance impact of those)

– Workflow is not available in the free version, but aparently is mainly based on email notifications about the stages of the project cycle


Well, after the initial CRUD application further customizations did not seem to be better than in any other IDE. I fact I found it easier to do it in VS, as I’m more used to it and it has Sharpener to help with code-autocompletion, search, syntax etc. From the other point of view, opening and editing the application in VS was no issue.

The structure of the generated code seems very reasonable and clear, with separate libraries for Business Logic, Data Acccess etc.


Though IronSpeed won’t replace you your plain, reliable coding skills, it can speed up the initial development  and setup or even generate all the code for simple typical applications.  Compared to standard VS templates it brings in immediate integration with the database and offers page generation tools.

In one sentence: give it a try!

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