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Why do I write?

One of my colleagues asked me recently, why having all the programmer’s experience, do I prefer to work as a technical writer. Well, actually I do quite a lot of programming, I’d say 80% of my working time.

But getting back to the question: isn’t programming an expression of your ideas in a structured and defined way? Nowadays, it is also especially important that the code is beautiful, clean and understandable. So what is the difference from the technical writing?

IMO, the difference is that when your code is done you know if it works, at least to some degree (bugs can pass unknoticed for ages) . When you write documentation – you have no idea if it works! You’ve written it up to some degree, as if you were explaining yourself how to do something. But you can’t even say if it works for yourself. You can only assume that the users will understand your doc and that will be enough for them. Actually you will never know until they will tell you.

That’s the challenge 🙂


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